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photography for annual reportsannual reports specializes in all forms of Corporate Photography. One such specialty is our annual report photography.
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corporate identity has photographed images for more annual reports for more companies than any other company or individual photographer. For years has encompassed the pages of most of our top tier client's annual reports.
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Professional Photography for annual reports

West Germany:
Our photographers will get to the ends of the earth and onto any vessel to capture the heart of production. If its that important for your company, it's even more important that we do it right. When Mobil requires photography for any project in any location we just ask what time the boat will come into port. As companies like Mobil have numerous locations overseas and even on the seas, we can helicopter our photographers to the necessary locations.

Guangzhou, China:
As companies globalize their products and services our Assignment Photography network is already there. In just 24 hours our corporate photographers can capture images for companies anywhere for their domestic and worldwide needs.

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Let no stone be unturned in your report. Ideas make better images.'s photographers are selected based on the ideas behind their images and the lengths at which they go to to get the right image.

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If it makes you feel better about a company, then the image is successful. Powerful storytelling images get behind the scenes of a company and its projects.
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Companies that are world famous choose to feature their employees and executives in their annuals. Even McDonalds knew to contact for top quality photographic images for their important annual report. can photograph your corporate assignment, anywhere in the world.
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Photography for annual reports annual report photography annual reports photography
Johnson & Johnson

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ABB: has been producing Annual Reports for ABB since the early 1980's. To this day has graced every annual report.
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Even before the merger into one of the largest corporations, had images on Annual reports for both companies, and now we capture moments in the history of ExxonMobil.

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