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Technology: uses the latest technology to get your images faster. Giving Web Design and Graphic Design professionals a quick turnaround time to bring images into their projects
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Corporate: meets corporate expectations with high quality photography for: Web Design, Corporate Communication, Annual Reports, Real Estate, and any 24 hour project.

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customizes our craft for your profession. We have photography solutions for directors, web professionals, real estate agents and more.
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We are experienced in dealing with budget limitations, tight schedules, and difficult logistics. We have presented our entire website in a revolutionary photo blog.
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1. Who and What is Black Star?
Black Star, founded in 1935, is a photo agency. We represent more than 350 photographers worldwide.

2. What is is the assignment photography division of Black Star (Black Star has other divisions, such as stock photography  and photojournalism).

3. Does it cost me more to call you rather than to contact the photographer(s) directly?
No! We get a percentage of the assignment photography fee. The assignment fee is the same that the photographer would charge you, if you had contacted him/her directly. We are able to do that because we give the photographers so much work, that they don't mind giving up a percentage.

4. What's the difference between Black Star and going to a listing or "virtual portfolio" source?
We work with all our corporate photographers closely. That's why we are a photo agency, not simply a broker or agent. By working with us, you take advantage of our experience in dealing with BOTH the professional photographers and you, the client. Because we coordinate so many photo shoots on a continuous basis, we are aware of all of the potential problems and challenges in executing a photo shoot.

5. I know nothing about getting a photo shoot done, can I still use you?
Yes! We can help you work out your requirements and get the job done for you. There is no charge for this consultation.

6. I am a graphic designer. I like to be there at the photo shoot to art direct, or at least to have the photographer work from a layout. Can you do this?
Yes! Our corporate photographers work very well with strong art direction. When you cannot be there, they can work from faxed layouts. (This has been very useful in tight deadlines especially in foreign locations.)

7. I rarely need to use professional photography, can I call you for a quick, half-day shooting?
Of course. There is no contract necessary. No minimum. Even if you have corporate photographers you work with, you can call us when they are unavailable.

8. What about pricing and usage?
Our prices are based on unlimited usage within a usage category, NOT on who the photographer is or where he/she is. This means that if you need to shoot, for example, in both Tokyo and New York for a brochure, the assignment fee is the SAME for each location. All expenses are billed at cost and are not marked up. The basic categories are: annual reports, external (brochures, press, and external corporate publications), and internal (internal publications, slide shows, etc.) The assignment fees are per day (or half-day) plus expenses (such as film, processing, and shipping). You have unlimited usage of the material in the category you purchase. To upgrade the material, you would pay the difference between the higher and lower day rate.

8. What is a Photo Blog? is presented in a professional photography blog. Focusing on photography images and information related to those photos. The term blog has been used to categorize a website that updates regularly and contains resourceful information on a specific topic. In our case we have a professional photo blog. Our photo blog touches on corporate communications and the images that help create these corporate communications projects.
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