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Union Carbide:
Quality manufacturing observed at Compaq, led Union Carbide to a decision to supply Compaq laptops to a large portion of the company's sales force.
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Cushman &
PC networks help one of America's largest commercial real estate firms to produce critical documents and respond to customer needs faster and better than ever.

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Compaq needed a visual treatment for a over 150 Public Relation application profiles around the world.
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Black Star’s network of corporate photographers took pictures in over 50 worldwide locations with an equal number of photographers working on a 24-hour clock to show Compaq's global reach of top-tier customers using Compaq business solutions.
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PCs bring automation, communication and the sharing of information to a new plateau.

To compete faster and smarter in the food business, General Mills has turned to personal computers for help. It has invested heavily in PCs over the past two years and installed them in every companywide on networks. More than 800 PCs are in the company's headquarters office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The majority of the PCs purchased nowadays by General Mills are made by Compaq.

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The growing use of Compaq personal computers in the company's regional offices is speeding market response and lowering administrative costs.
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Marriott Uses PC Cad Network to Keep Its Hotels in Mint Condition

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Marriott Corporation, the world's largest hotel operator, has mastered the art of keeping its facilities fresh in a way that's cost effective.

The chain maintains its well-kept image by updating nearly one-fifth of its 538 U.S. hotels every year--a job that belongs to its Architecture and Construction division, based in Bethesda, Maryland. The division relies on Compaq DeskPro 386/25 Personal Computers running computer-aided design software (CAD) to help produce their interior and architectural drawings quickly and lower the costs of remodeling.

An aerial CAD view of a residence Inn, one of six types of hotels Marriott builds.   Component parts of a Residence Inn are placed on a proposed site to determine if it will properly accommodate the facility.
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