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specializes in photography for annual reports. Every year hundreds of corporations trust their reports to us.
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For over 35 years, Black Star's - has produced annual reports . We have clients that use us every year, we produce quality photography and our clients have no question of the quality of photography they receive.
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The world is getting smaller. "International" has become such a common term that even basically domestic companies deal not only in multiple locations here in the United States, but also have business dealings, if not offices, subsidiaries and affiliates, elsewhere around the world. This creates a new challenge to the annual report editor, professional and writer - how to tie together all aspects of a far flung enterprise in a well thought out and well presented annual report. One of the major needs that all professionals face is how to visualize for the reader of the report, the company, their operations and their clientele.'s cutting edge services provide the annual report professional with a worldwide network of photographers proficient not only in providing outstanding photography, but aiding in logistics, project set-up, and delivery of all visual material. Each of's photographers acts as an individual cultural ambassador working on behalf of corporate headquarters and providing them with all the insight necessary to fulfill the graphic requirements for all their annual reports.

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When your projects need the right professional photography solutions, is there to capture high quality images.

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Clients who use our photography services for Annual Reports, return year after year. Companies like ExxonMobil have used us since the early seventies through today.

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