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Work by field crews is still important at Weyerhaeuser, but more and more the company is turning to high tech solutions to manage its timberlands.
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Compaq computers aid in the design of new products, as well as in the design of equipment and manufacturing processes used to make them.

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Corporate Project:
Compaq needed a visual treatment for a over 150 Public Relation application profiles around the world.
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Black Star’s network of corporate photographers took pictures in over 50 worldwide locations with an equal number of photographers working on a 24-hour clock to show Compaq's global reach of top-tier customers using Compaq business solutions.
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To decentralize the organization's processing of data and deliver relevant information more quickly to the desks of the sales, marketing, and financial people who need it.

Historically, data processing at consumer product companies like Coca-Cola Foods-and at firms in almost every American industry-meant a mainframe computer at corporate headquarters.

Coca-Cola has deployed Compaq Deskpro 386/20 computers throughout the company. The move is paying off with improved sales presentations and staff productivity.

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Based Warning System Alerts: Sgt. Wright, standing beside a quiet Passaic River near Patterson, expects the new flood warning system to reduce property damage and save lives.
Jack In The Box:
Foodmaker, owner of Jack In The Box chain of fast-food restaurants and Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurants, is staying on the battlefield and coming up with winning strategies. Foodmaker has turned to Compaq personal computers, combined with an in-house-developed restaurant management software, to bring efficiencies to its Jack In The Box outlets.

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PCs help Jack In The Box win competitive battles by reducing operating costs and ensuring product freshness.
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Dean Witter:
Uses a Compaq SystemPro to increase the performance and capacity of one of the company's key LANs. Crucial research reports and data can now be sent electronically to thousands of Dean Witter brokers around the world.
Has brought new levels of efficiency to the business of making brass beds. Their multiuser system, driven by a Compaq SystemPro, gives computer users at Berkshire responsiveness far surpassing that of the company's former minicomputer system.
Employees standing beside subhousings that hold Teleco's innovative measurement sensors. During oil and gas exploration, the sensors ride above the drill bit and provide real-time drilling data from deep within the earth. Compaq computers help Teleco and its clients analyze the information.
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