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Anniversary Projects
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Corporate Photography

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Compuware’s Gemma Barghigiani drives daughter Sveva, 5, to her kindergarten.

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photographers corporate photography
Masataka Takizawa, President of TaKT Systems Inc., one of Compuware’s distributors in Japan.

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photographers corporate photography
Martell Cognac a UNIFACE customer since 1992. Antonio Braga Samples his brandy.

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photographers corporate photography
EcoSystems Lab.
Observations about the EcoSCOPE Super Monitor and network application analysis.

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Compuware needed a visual treatment for a 25th Anniversary book that would show the worldwide scope of an organization closing in on one billion
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Black Star’s network of corporate photographers took pictures in 56 worldwide locations with an equal number of photographers working on a 24-hour clock to show Compuware facilities, customers, & operations worldwide all taken on the same day.
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  Anniversary Projects: Powerful Corporate Communications

In 25 years, Compuware has grown into one of the largest independent software vendors and professional services organizations in the world. Through all the growth, the company never lost sight of its original commitment to provide solutions for everyday problems.

Compuware: A Worldwide provider of software and services designed to increase productivity.

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Sophia M., Assistant Marketing Manager at Compuware South Africa, and husband John hold their 9-weekold twins, luke and Alexandra. Sophia is preparing for her first day at work after maternity leave.

"Our very first project
was a large insurance company. And we took all the stuff that they had running on electronic accounting machines and wrote a set of specifications so they could actually convert that off the old machines and put it on a computer.

We got that job in an interesting way. It had to do with ethics. was a large insurance company. I was working for a division of American Motors. They were trying to get into the business of selling their network to other companies. In the process of working for them, I made a sales call to an insurance company. They couldn't use our service, but asked if we could send over four or five people to do another project. I checked, but my management said 'No we really don't want to do that.'

Two months later I decided to start Compuware. And I went to my boss at this auto company and said 'Would it be all right, since I'm leaving to start my own company, to ask the other customer about that work?"

and so it began...

--Peter Karmanos, Jr.
CEO - Compuware

Photography on location
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Photographers from Black Star’s,, fanned out across the globe to capture a day in the lives of Compuware employees and customers.
From Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France to Yan Qing, China, to Sayama City, Japan to Vinings, USA, to Pretoria, South Africa, the photographers caught Compuware people doing everything from kissing their children to closing major agreements.

The photographers also visited customers who were performing the tasks they do every day while relying on Compuware products and services to keep their business-critical applications running effectively.

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Takahiko Yoshida (left) Compuware’s business alliance director visits Sueli Periera of SERPRO, the federal data processing service. SERPRO uses EcoTOOLS and CICS Abend-AID/FX.

Worldwide Progress

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At first, Compuware had few employees, and nobody had a title. Headquarters was a converted motel with three offices and no computers. Employees had to borrow a copier from the firm next door.

By following a philosophy of quality, commitment and controlled growth, by exceeding customers’ expectations, Compuware has grown to more than 7,000 employees, with revenues approaching $1 billion, and with 70 offices in 28 countries stretching from China to South Africa.

Compuware’s success derives from its employees throughout the world who contribute every day. On Compuware's anniversary, those contributions came in several thousand different forms.

Compuware also recognizes its customers. Nearly 11,000 companies around the world use Compuware products or services. visited some of the most recognized names in a number of industries. Those firms are depicted here doing what they do best, while Compuware software and people ensure that the firms protect their investment in their applications.
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Assignment Photography Summary’s global reach of corporate communications photography enabled Compuware to complete their anniversary project photography content in a 24 hour period worldwide. With multiple locations at the same time of day their company’s everyday activities were up close and personal in 56 locations around the world.

Having the largest global photography network is what makes stand out from the rest and offer services to the extent that no one else can.

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