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London, England:
Normally the versatility of a beverage refers to the variety of foods it compliments. Then again, versatility means different things to different people. This interpretation took place on the steps of St. Martin In The Fields Church.
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Misholc, Hungary
Pepsi presence abounds in Hungary, even at this weightlifting competition at a municipal fair. Pepsi entered the market in 1970, two years after its competition, and has risen to take first place.

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Pepsico uses corporate photography for many corporate identity projects. To promote itself both internally and externally.
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corporate identity worked closely with Pepsi's clients, and distributors around the world to produce a book for Pepsi, about its global reach. The Project "24 hours in Pepsi-Cola's World," was photographed in one 24 hour period around the world.
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Cork, Ireland:

The secret formula that gives Pepsi its distinctive taste is contained within these 20-liter packages. No wonder they're so carefully checked. At a Pepsi-Cola concentrate plant, a worker tightens the cap seal on each container after it has been filled and labeled.

Athens, Greece:
Where history meets the future: Legend has it that Poseidon and Athena, both relatives of Zeus, fought here over who would be the patron of the city. Today the limestone citadel known as the Acropolis sees activity of a different sort. The goddess and her thunderbolt have given way to a young girl and her Pepsi.

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Veliko Taranovo, Bulgaria:

If you had nine lives, you'd take a few risks too.

Valhalla, NY:
Developing new products for international markets is a challenge in itself. Here, a technician at Pepsi-Cola's research center prepares a "bench top sample" -a new soft drink made in small samples for evaluation by the company's researchers and regional managements.

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