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Manchester, England:
Just a phone call away: In the U.K., tele-sales is a very powerful tool. Using this and other powerful tools, the Pepsi business has prospered in the U.K. since a refranchising in 1987.
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Dubai, U.A.E.:
Here , and throughout the Arabian Gulf, Pepsi-Cola is part of the fabric of daily life. Its millions of consumers make Dubai a proud showcase of pepsi activity.

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Pepsico wanted to create a project for a decentralized company that would tie together its affiliates, subsidiaries, & bottlers emotionally with the parent company.
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corporate identity's network of corporate photographers produced a day-in-the-life style keep-sake that captures 65 locations worldwide. Black Star worked extensively with Pepsi to produce not only the photography but handled all of the logistics, & travel arrangements, delivering over 1,000 rolls of film the following week.
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In all, the images of a Pepsi Day are linked by several common threads: achievement, enjoyment, excitement. And like the Pepsi trademark itself, these threads run boldly through the pages that follow. Here, then, is a preview of "A PEPSI DAY: 24 Hours in Pepsi-Cola's World.
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Carson City, NV:

Time may be fleeting, but this clockmaker is a pro at holding still. He belongs to Impact International, a company that manufactures and distributes Pepsi clocks, signs and menus worldwide. Some half million Pepsi clocks tick away in markets around the world every Pepsi Day.

Beirut, Lebanon:
In a city of shattered dreams, near the tenuous line that divides east and west, Lebanese soldiers stop a Pepsi delivery truck to clear it through security. Pepsi entered Lebanon in 1952. And with the exception of several weeks of escalated fighting in 1976, during which its plant sustained heavy damage, Pepsi-Cola has continued operating throughout the civil war.

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Penajachel, Guatemala

The most basic of all models of distribution has served areas of Guatemala well in the decades since Pepsi first entered the market.

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Venice, Italy:

"A kind of poem in stone accidentally written on water" is how Venice has been described. The metaphor is apt. For those charged with product distribution, this city can be one tough challenge. Here, a gondolier carefully glides Pepsi to market outside the famous Gritti Palace.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:
In this East African capital, a Pepsi stronghold, delivery can take all forms.

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A Pepsi Day
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