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Mexico City, Mexico:
From hand trucks to trailer trucks, Pepsi distribution enlists virtually every type of vehicle that has ever touched pavement. Here, a delivery man carefully negotiates the maze known as Mexico City.
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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
In a Sarawat super-market. in one of Jeddah's numerous shopping centers, a family stocks up on Pepsi. Evidently, though, not everyone has the patience to get the product home. Pepsi entered Saudi Arabia in 1955, and is the nation's runaway soft drink leader.

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From production to consumption and at every point in between, a Pepsi Day resonates with the energy of human achievement and enjoyment.
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Small Wonder. Throughout the world, millions upon millions are touched by this simple product, created nearly a century ago in New Bern, North Carolina, by a young pharmacist named Caleb Bradham.
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Munich, West Germany:

Guess who's being asked to load cases. Keeping this German kiosk stocked is no small task.

Guangzhou, China:
Here at the mid-autumn festival, a Chinese girl has just received two bottles of Pepsi tied in "lucky" red ribbons -a popular gift for birthdays and other special occasions. Pepsi-Cola entered China in 1981, when it launched one of the first Sino-American joint ventures in the special economic zone of Shenzhen. In 1986, a second plant was opened here in Guangzhou.

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Baghdad, Iran:

With a symbolic "nod" from Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the final match of the Third Arab Nations' Youth Football Championship, sponsored by Pepsi, gets under way at People's Stadium.

Los Angeles, CA:
No need for a calling card here. As these drivers progress through their route, they take the vibrance of the Pepsi look along with them. Note the coils connecting the cab to the trailer. Colors look familiar?.

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The growing use of Compaq personal computers in the company's regional offices is speeding market response and lowering administrative costs.
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